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Leading Innovative Technology Supplier in South Africa

Afriten Technologies is a Leading Innovative Technology Supplier in Johannesburg, South Africa. Bringing Innovative Technology Solutions to the Eventing, Exhibition and Retail Market. Over 15 years of experience in this space. Our solutions are available for both purchase and rental options.

In a market with many providers of very similar products and in a modern society that is continuously becoming more and more difficult to impress, Afriten Technologies differentiated itself by becoming a one-of-a-kind unique AV Technology company by seeking out global providers of innovative Audio Visual Technologies, that have never been seen before on the African continent. Effectively bringing Tomorrows Technology to the Market… Today!

Our range of products create attention and awareness for your brand. Enabling your brand or product to stand out from the advertising clutter. Ensuring your product or brand is top of mind and remembered for longer.

Our Technology solutions include: 3D Holographic advertising displays, 3D Holographic Staging, 3D HoloSPiN (3D Holographic fan displays), Interactive and gesture-based solutions (Leap Motion, Kinect, Etc.), Fog Screen Displays, Digital Air Graffiti Walls, Touch screen rentals, Touch screen kiosks, Digital poster walls, Virtual presenters, Rear projection film (Including both holographic rear projection film and grey rear projection film), iBar - Interactive bars, Android Tablet and iPad rentals, stands and enclosers, Transparent Touch Glass, Interactive LED flooring, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and much more... 

We have a full Multimedia studio with expertise in creating digital interactive content. HTML5 eDetailers for pharmaceutical brands, Database development, 2D Motion graphics, 3D Modelling and animation as well as interactive Unity 3D C# application development for Windows and Mobile devices.


Click on each below heading to see more information on each solution that Afriten Technologies provide.

Touch Screen Systems and Touch Monitor Products


  • Touch Screen Systems – Afriten Technologies is offering a complete comprehensive portfolio of Touch screen systems and Touch Monitor Products. Touch screen sales and/or rentals are available on each of the following categories. This will be dependant on demand:
  • Touch screen overlays – Converting a normal LCD/LED Screens into a  Touch Screen using a Touch Screen overlay
  • Touch Screen Foil – Converting a normal LCD/LED screen into a touch screen using Touch Foil Application.
  • Touch Screen Kiosks – Available for rental and purchase. Portrait, Landscape and angled Touch Screen Kiosks are available.
  • Touch Tables Tables – Available for rental and purchase. LCD based Touch Screen Tables. Custom solutions such as Projection onto a table to convert to touch for events.
  • Coffee Touch – New range of wooden skeleton Coffee Touch Tables are available.
  • Touch Screen Video Walls for presentation areas, reception areas and boardrooms.
  • Touch Projection onto Glass – Converting a shop front window into a touch screen window.
  • Digital Registration Touch Screen Kiosks. We boast digital registration on our Digital Registration System in under 10 seconds per guest. Can be done on our 22″ Angled Registration screens or 22″ touch screens built into a kiosk, we also do Tablet Registration. Our solution can also include biometric finger scanners as well as lanyard card printing in full colour.
  • Android and iPad Tablet Rental – We also handle stock management on site if required. Stock Management includes full stock control of all rented tablets for the duration of your exhibition or event. This is ideal for rental of tablets for large amounts i.e. over 40 units. We ensure your app is loaded onto all iPads, Sim cards are loaded with data, sign out stock to your staff and promoters, charge spare stock during the day and after hours, sign stock back in at the end of each day, on-site for any technical queries and technical support. We handled the stock management of 50 iPads for Mercedes-Benz for Festival of Motoring 2016 (A 5-day duration motor show).

Gesture and Motion Based Interactive Solutions


Gesture is the new touch!
Why touch a screen when you can use hand gestures to completely control the content?
Why not do your next large screen presentation using gesture rather than touch?
Any AV solution from projection to video walls to LCD screens can be used with the addition of the interactive gesture based sensors to register the gestures and with the required programming to convert this gesture to motion control.
Content creation possibilities are unlimited depending on budget to make the content as rich as possible. Hand based gesture tracking, body tracking or motion based object tracking is all possible! The creative options and possibilities are endless. Guaranteed to draw interest and get the audience having fun while learning your material.
We specialise in providing Leap Motion and Kinect gesture based solutions and have also worked with a couple other motion based infrared and camera based tracking solutions.
  • Leap Motion – Precise hand gestures able to pick up both hands as well as 10 fingers accurately.
  • Kinect – Able to pick up the body and human skeleton tracking.
  • Various Camera and Infrared based Tracking.
  • Motion Based Tracking.
  • Gesture Based Content Creation – Includes full graphic design and user interface design, 3D Modelling and animations required, Unity 3D and C#Application development. We have built over 20 executable gesture based applications.
  • Plinths and Kiosks for events and exhibitions – We stock and custom build plinths for Leap Motion controllers and Kinect based Kiosks.

Projected Technologies and Solutions


  • Video logo: Our Video logo is a high gain light reflecting surface able to absorb more of the projection light than ordinary projection surfaces. Coupled with this, as it is a solid surface similar to perspex, we are able to die cut shape the surface to a logo or any shape required with laser cutting. Thereafter we merely create the video and 2D motion graphic video material to fit the shape. We call this our Video Logo. It brings a logo to life. Great for logo reveals at an event, Retail shop fronts. Video Logo is generally hung from the ceiling with a rear projector is mounted behind the screen. Since the material is cut to a specific shape it is not a rental option and only a purchase option. Fog Screen Displays.
  • Virtual Presenters – We are now offering the ability to create your own virtual presenter. Similar to the Video Logo concept but here we create a Virtual Presenter. A video of a salesperson or MC presenter is recorded in a green screen studio, Along with an acrylic cut-out that is created using the outline of their body.  A projector is placed behind the virtual presenter and connected to your computer that loops the content of your video on the rear projected virtual presenter cut out surface. Directional hidden speakers play the sound, resulting in a life-like video representation of your salesperson or MC presenter – that never needs a break or requests underserved salary increases!
  • 3D Building Mapping – 3D Mapping is the art of combining 3D content with existing shapes and surfaces, be they: A place –building or surface OR a product –bottle, car, etc. By mapping the surface, we are able to create a digital canvass of the surface and create unique visual 3D material that is projected onto the surface, to make it look as though the actual surface is altering or changing. You can even make the 3D mapped surface interactive using a mobile device or tablet, that allows us to create a large claw game projected onto a building or adding a touch screen allowing guests to graffiti onto a large building surface or car graffiti surface – DIGITALLY!
  • 3D Hologram Projected Displays
  • Interactive Front or Rear Projected Kinect Based iWalls. Turn a wall into an interactive wall surface, Create an interactive wall projected game or experience, Colour in a 2D sketch, scan it in, convert it into a popular character that you have coloured in, interact with the character in their environment, see it move in their environment. A concept using augmented reality / virtually bringing 2D drawings to life… great for kids activations!
  • Interactive Projected Floors
  • Interactive Projected front and rear Digibooks – iBook.
  • Interactive Projected Tables
  • Event Presentation Screens
  • Air Digital Graffiti Wall – Interactive, virtual and digital graffiti wall. An interactive rear-projection pre-built wall setup that takes just 1 to 2 hours to setup up at your event. Where you use an actual spray can with an infrared laser to spray on a digital surface. Save the photo with your branding, upload the photo to social networks, print the photo on colour glossy photo paper. Hire 1 of our photographers along with a DSLR camera to take photos of guests (using green screen or with out green screen), have the photos uploaded to the graffiti wall and graffiti on the photo, change backgrounds, add clip arts. A hugely memorable fun experience. You can even use the graffiti wall in a more serious manner where the speaker in a presentation can graffiti points or draw on to the wall from each session. The images get saved and distributed at the end of each day of the conference or team building.

Augmented Reality


Afriten Technologies create Augmented Reality applications and AR experiences.
Augmented Reality (AR) is a software application that combines virtual 2D/3D or video elements with a live camera feed to create a mixed reality experience.​​
The software uses image recognition to identify a trigger, and motion tracking to keep the virtual elements anchored to the trigger.
The software is able to track print, product, facial features, places and shapes, as long as there is enough detail to track.​​
The software is further enhanced with interactive capabilities by tracking your hand over the trigger (like pressing buttons on a page) or identifying the movement of the trigger to be used as controller inputs in a gaming experience (e.g. a bottle of beer becomes the gaming remote).
The software is also able to include randomisation and algorithms in order to be used as an incentive delivery mechanism (e.g. 1 out of 10 winners).​

Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality Technology allows us to create entire immersive 360-degree virtual worlds and realistic environments for your guests to engage with.
The content options are unlimited only curbed by possible budget limitations, and there are extensive hardware requirements to track the person and their movements as well as the headset to deliver a realistic view of the created world.
Therefore it is a more personal solution suitable to low numbers of guests at a time.
We offer PC based VR on the HTC Vive platform as well as Mobile based VR on Samsung Gear VR headsets. We also offer custom colour printed Google Cardboard V2’s that can be used as giveaways at events – from a quantity of 500 to 1,000 pieces and upwards to over 100,000 pieces.
We specialise in Unity 3D VR virtual Reality content development creation, Green Screen Video Productions and green screen editing and compositing, 3D Modelling in both Maya and 3DS Max.
We own our own Go Pro Hero 4 Black 6x 360 camera rigs along with 360 video stitching software allowing us to create professional Virtual 360 degree Tours for your event, website or Youtube page.

Digital Displays


  • LED and LCD video walls
  • Ultra thin bezel touch screen video wall panels
  • Christie Microtiles
  • LCD Digital Poster walls – portrait or landscape orientation
  • 3D TV Kiosks without Glasses
  • LED Flooring
  • Interactive LED flooring
  • Mirror Photo Booths
  • Transparent Digibox Showcases
  • Transparent OLED Screens

F1 Simulators

Cruden F1 Simulator - The Hexatech simulator, features a completely suspended cockpit with advanced motion feedback. With its six electric actuators, the car moves in all directions and rotations to give the ultimate realistic feel of G-forces on the driver.

PC based F1 Simulators

VR based F1 Simulators.

Scent Technologies


Ozmoose Scent Technology allows us to replicate a large number of popular scents or fragrances and “distribute” this particular smelling fragrance into a particular area to make it smell like that scent or fragrance. Various scents can be chosen such as grass, coffee, popcorn, freshly baked bread smells.

Sound Technologies


  • Whispering Window – Turn any surface, be it a wooden table or glass store front into a speaker using a Whispering Window Device. Guests will have no idea where the sound is coming from and often look around for the speaker. The unit produces precise high energy/small movement (micro vibrations) that are harnessed to resonate surfaces turning them into high quality, powerful and wide bandwidth speakers. Stores in London have been boasting a 40% increase in sales in the first week of using a Whispering Window device. We have previously used the device at MTN Fairlands head office accompanied with an infrared Motion Sensor. The activation allowed a sound clip to be played when guests entered the building through a glass turnstile. We have also used this technology many times at car shows and car dealerships in South Africa where consumers open the car door and a sound clip plays on the specifications of the car.
  • Directional Audio Shower Units – We distribute a sound shower unit which is great for exhibition environments where you may need controlled audio playing at a particular area. The unit is rigged from the ceiling above the point where the person stands. The unit enables you to control the direction of the sound waves.

Audience/Guest Tracking & Analytics


With almost 15 years experience working in the BTL and marketing activational field. We noticed how important it is to measure analytics and ROI from the conducted marketing activity/s.
We have developed an Audience/Guest Tracking system and continuously look to build and improve on it as we make progress in this field.
The system consists of hardware and software components that look to measure some key statistics from the marketing activity or mall space activation.
We have developed two Audience / Guest Analytics System Offerings:
  • Camera based – allows us to track faces in a particular area using a positioned camera with a Windows or Android Software System. Allowing us to count the number of guests, Tell who was Female/Male, Tell an approximate age of the visitors as well. The cloud backend system allows the client to pull any data required at any given time.
  • WiFi Signal Based tracking. This is a custom developed system that continuously scans an area for WiFi signals. Using an in-depth algorithm, we are able to calculate how close the person is based on their WiFi signal strength. The system does need the guests WiFi to be enabled. However, with the growing amount of Fibre and free Wifi solutions at home and at the office, we are finding this number to be quite high and increasing. All data collected is put into a local and cloud database which then allows the client to pull any data that they would like at their convenience. For example, they can ask the system to tell it how many guests were picked up at a particular area over a particular time period.
We also have a WiFi based Free Internet offering solution for events and high density areas like taxi ranks. The systen works very similar to how Youtube and Youtube adverts system works. Guests log on to a WiFi network for free internet access. To gain access to the free internet – guests must complete a survey or fill in their details for a particular competition. Every 5 minutes a pop-up advert could appear. This is a great way to build up a database in a particular targeted market/area.

Voting Remote Systems

Audience Voting Remote Systems allows the audience to be more involved in the presentation by conducting a live survey with the audience, can also let you create your own game show, or create a fun team building element - where staff vote on certain internal awards. 

Each person in the audience is given a Voting Remote with letters on it (Letter buttons are A,B,C,D,E,F). The audience can press the corresponding button to answer questions that are shown on the large screen asked by the presenter. The question gets shown on the screen and the audience answer the question "live" using the voting remotes. 

The system is completely wireless and collects inputs instantaneously.

Question results can be given in three different ways:

  1. Live results after each question;
  2. Live results after the entire survey;
  3. Results can be private where only the speaker/presenter can see them.


  • Coffee Foam Printer – Allows you to Colour Print Edible logos, photos, selfies, text onto coffee foam, Cappuccinos, Hot chocolates and a number of other food items quickly and cost effectively, using our Coffee Foam Photo Printer. A new and easy method of doing Latte Art.
  • Sticker/Label printers that get stuck onto packaging for special occasions for retail stores and activations - We setup an activational area in your retail store or outside your retail store as a centre court activation, along with your promotional/activation company. Our activation elements include a touch screen kiosk or touch screen on plinth along with a sticker printer/s. Customers are enticed to purchase a particular range of products and then bring the product and till slip to the activational area. The till slip is checked and they are allowed to make use of the sticker printing system. At the touch screen kiosk, guest can input their name or a loved one's name, chose a design, etc and print it. The sticker gets printed and stuck onto the product. This solution is completely customisable. Works great for special occasions and holidays such as during Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, etc. Customers will love the idea of getting a custom chocolate box design with their loved one's names on it. Perfect as a gift. Resulting in increased product sales and a growing emotional touch with your brand and the customer. Marketers know the importance of igniting brand growth via building an emotional connection with the brand.
  • Lanyard Card Printers for registration
  • Cell Phone Cover Printers.

Glass, Mirror & Reflective Surfaces


Distribution and supply of the following glass surfaces, Mirror displays and reflected glass products:
  • Digital Mirror Displays – Mirror touch screen glass displays
  • One way glass
  • 3D Holographic Glass – see through reflective surface for 3D Holographic Hologram Plug & Play Display units.
  • Projected Glass Applications – Foil application onto glass allowing you to front or rear project onto the glass surface. Light grey, dark grey and holographic clear foils are available and can be used depending on your lighting conditions in your environment. Easy to peel and stick application.
  • Mirror Photo Booth

Digital Content Creation


Afriten Technologies specialises in the creation of custom multimedia content for interactive digital technology solutions and platforms.
We work alongside the clients current ATL/TTL/BTL marketing campaigns/agencies to ensure that the same brand message is delivered through to the end client or consumer.
On some occasions, clients prefer that their current agencies handle all their content creation and Afriten Technologies just handles the Technology elements. We are fine to go that route and happy to advise all required content design specifications that are required and needed to achieve the overall best end result. However, we do prefer to do the technology platforms content as our team has vast experience in this field and knows what works well and in the quickest time as we do not need to go through the learning process, vast testing, and trial and error. Therefore, saving client on the budget in the long run.
Our content creation services include:
  • Concept Creation including Story Boarding for larger detailed projects.
  • 2D Motion Graphic Video content creation for digital signage, 2D logo animations and effects, 2D animated videos allowing quicker output and being more cost effective than 3D. Video intros, Masking, Compositing and Video Editing in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere.
  • 3D Modelling and animation in Maya and 3DS Max. 3D Logo animations, character conceptualising and 3D modelling, 3D Product Modelling.
  • Unity 3D C# Coded Game and Application development – Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Kinect and Leap Motion applications.
  • Flash Action Script 3 content, however, we have moved away from this platform with new industry standards and prefer to do our development inside Unity 3D, C# or .net, HTML5.
  • HTML5 Application Development – we have been creating HTML5 interactive digital eDetailers for leading pharmaceutical brands such as AstraZeneca and Janssen for 5 years. eDetailers are interactive HTML5 developed digital brochures that runs on an iPad app. The Pharmaceutical reps use these interactive apps to detail to Doctors on. They allow full digital detailing, interactive graphs, touch navigation, setting up calls, call feedback, digital ordering, analytics, etc. All the content and analytics data is available online on a cloud backend and gets synced when reps get an internet connection on their iPads. We also develop content for edetailing platforms that pharmaceutical clients may have, such as Veeva and just supply the packaged eDetail Zip file. Speak to us about the creation of a Digital Sales eDetailing platform and solution.
  • 360 Video production and stitching. We own a GoPro Hero 4 Black 6 camera rig and stitch our own content.
  • Video Highlights Creation – We film the setup and duration of your event, exhibition, or conference and edit it to create a 3 minute highlights video that can be used on your portfolio or social network channels. The setup can be done as a time-lapse video. We include filming of testimonials from speakers and guests that attended. A backing sound track is added and a voice over is optional.

The industries covered by Afriten Technologies include:

  • Short to Medium term rental markets like events, launches, activations, promotions, exhibitions, centre court activations in malls, conferences and roadshows.
  • Permanent Installations in retail, car dealerships, museums, galleries, showrooms, amusement and entertainment sectors.


Our main strengths that set us apart from the rest!
Research and Development
Technology Products and Solutions
Content Creation and Development
Technical Expertise

Why Afriten Technologies?

Continuously innovating
In a market constantly needing something new, where improving on the past is mandatory in making sure to have an effect on customers, whilst simultaneously having an economic climate where more is required for less, means it is more important than ever to integrate the important have to have audio visual elements with unique technology items that will amaze and retain attention. Afriten Technologies is all about innovation and constant improvement through the use of modern AV technologies, about closing the gap between the ordinary and the Extraordinary, about the WOW factor, about 1st TIME EVER within a defined budget.
One stop tech shop
Afriten Technologies is probably one of the only companies in the world that provide a myriad of many AV technologies under one house and even combines multiple technologies together to create new applications, along with the provision of everyday AV requirements that ensure the customer gets the best solution at the best price. We believe the requirements should dictate the solution and not that the product portfolio should sway the concept.
Full solution provider
Afriten Technologies seeks to be your Technology partner for all your needs, through its extensive experience, exclusive innovative product range, quality delivery, specialist content production capability, and even a concept service that translates your requirements into world-class audiovisual productions.
  • 100CM 3D HoloSPIN

    100CM HO