Afriten Technologies is a Leading Innovative Technology Product and Solutions Supplier in South Africa. Some of our products include:

3D Holographic Displays, Touch Screen Panels and Touch Screen Kiosks, Interactive Projections, Gesture-Based Solutions, Virtual & Augmented Reality Headset Hire and Content Creation and much much more.

  • Afriten Technologies - Product & Service Offerings in South Africa

    Digital and Touch Screen Displays

    Wide range of Digital Displays available for rental and purchase. Digital Displays allow you to change content regularly and promptly. They create flow and movement and attract attention to your stand, products and branding. Our services include: Video walls, Digital Poster walls – portrait or landscape orientation, Touch video wall, Touch Screen Kiosks, Touch Screen Panels, Touch Screen Overlays, Christie Microtiles, 3D TV Kiosks without Glasses, Interactive LED flooring, Mirror Photo Booths, Transparent Digibox Showcases, Transparent OLED Screens. Large stock of Touch Screens available from: 22'. 40', 55', 65' and more!

  • Afriten Technologies - Product & Service Offerings in South Africa

    3D Holographic Displays

    We have been providing 3D Holographic Display Technology in South Africa for over 12 years, which makes us the longest supplier in this space. We hold the largest stock of 3D Holographic Display that is available for rent. We custom build our own holographic displays. Services include everything from 1 sided portrait and landscape Holographic Displays, 3 Sided Holographic Displays, 360 degree 4 sided Holographic Displays, Large Life Size 4 sided Holographic Exhibit Displays, Event Holographic Solutions such as Holographic stage and white or grey protected holographic mesh setups, Our latest offering is our 3D HoloSpin - 3D Led Fan Display, available in various sizes as well as Fan video walls.

  • Afriten Technologies - Product & Service Offerings in South Africa

    Interactive & Gesture Displays

    Gesture is the new touch! Why touch a screen when you can use hand gestures to completely control the content? Why not do your next large screen presentation using gesture rather than touch? Any AV solution from projection to video walls to LCD screens can be used with the addition of the interactive gesture-based sensors to register the gestures and with the required programming to convert this gesture to motion control. Content creation possibilities are unlimited depending on the budget to make the content as rich as possible. Hand based gesture tracking, body tracking or motion-based object tracking is all possible! The creative options and possibilities are endless. Guaranteed to draw interest and get the audience having fun while learning your material. We hold stock and develop apps for hand and body gesture devices, as well as conductive touch wall solutions.

  • Afriten Technologies - Product & Service Offerings in South Africa

    Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and 360 Degree Video Creation

    Augmented, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality allow marketers to create an immersive 360-degree experience and realistic virtual environments for your guests to engage with and bring your products and services to life. The content options are unlimited. We handle full AR/VR content creation using Unity 3D and we hold rental stock of 10 x HTC Vive Headsets with i7 gaming PCS, Oculus Quests VR headsets, Google Cardboard, Gear VR with Samsung Smartphones, Android Galaxy Tabs for AR experience, AR Event Kiosks. We also own our own 360 Degree Camera Rig.

  • Afriten Technologies - Product & Service Offerings in South Africa

    Innovative Bar Solutions

    Interactive LED Bar Counters, AutoBar - Automatic Bot Cocktail / Juice Bartender Dispenser Unit, Coffee Foam Colour Printer, Thailand Inspired Fried Ice Cream Roll Machines.

Afriten Technologies is a Leading Innovative Technology Product and Solutions Supplier in Johannesburg, South Africa. Bringing Innovative Technology Solutions to the Eventing, Exhibition and Retail Market. Over 15 years of experience in this space. Our solutions are available for both purchase and short to long rental options.

In a market with many providers of very similar products and in a modern society of Online Mavericks and Business Professionals in South Africa that are continuously becoming more and more difficult to impress, Afriten Technologies differentiated itself by becoming a one-of-a-kind unique AV Technology company by seeking out global providers of innovative Audio Visual Technologies, that have never been seen before on the African continent. Effectively bringing Tomorrows Technology to the Market… Today!
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Our range of products creates attention and awareness for your brand. Enabling your brand or product to stand out from the advertising clutter. Ensuring your product or brand is top of mind and remembered for longer. 

We provide technology products in the following categories: Live-streamed presenters and pre-recorded 3D Holograms on Stage, 3D Holographic Displays, Touch Screen Panels and Touch Screen Kiosks, Touch Video Walls, Interactive Mapped Projections, Gesture-Based Solutions, Virtual Reality Headset Hire, Virtual Reality Content Creation and development, Augmented Reality Content Development and much much more.

We have a full Multimedia studio with expertise in creating digital interactive content. HTML5 eDetailers for pharmaceutical brands, Database development, 2D Motion Graphics, 3D Modelling and animation for Holographic content creation, Character Modelling and animation, Interactive Unity C# application development for Windows and Mobile Touch Devices, Ai Chatbots for Hologram use as well as online use, and Blockchain Development.
Afriten Technologies service offerings revolve around the human 5 senses: sight, touch, taste, smell, hearing.
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We often get asked by our customers what they can use to attract attention to their product/s, retail store or exhibition stand. How can we show that we are more technologically advanced when compared to our competition, How can our brand stand out from the advertising or in-store clutter? 

"How can we prepare for the Digital Age – and make sure that we don't get left behind in this new reality.."

Afriten Technologies build their product and service offerings with the 5 human senses in mind. Consumers are surrounded by an overflow of marketing in their day-to-day lives. So, as a marketer, we look at different ways on how to reach our valued customers that have outsmarted traditional marketing methods. In the unique and dynamic field or marketing, we must be proactive and innovative. Sensory marketing is one alternative to traditional marketing, we take this one step further and look at this with an innovative, digital, technological approach in mind...

New research on the concept of embodied cognition suggests that our bodily sensations help in decision making without our conscious awareness. By utilizing sensory marketing, marketers have the opportunity to capitalize on this highly researched field. Employing the use of multiple sensory experiences ensures that you will better connect with consumers, in a world filled with basic visual and audible advertisements and marketing campaigns.

Afriten Technologies takes a Digital and innovative approach to sensory marketing and we believe it to be a disruptive marketing method that has the ability to heighten and intensify perceptions of brands. As marketing experts, we have an excellent tool right at our fingertips. Once we understand how sensory marketing can benefit your brand, you have the aptitude to widen your reach and connect with consumers in a completely new context. 

3 Benefits from a digital sensory marketing campaign:
  1. Allows us to create a more hands-on approach
  2. Customers remember your brand longer
  3. You stand out from the advertising clutter
Afriten Technology looks to expand its service and product offerings in the technology space with an importance placed on the 5 human senses. It is an important point not to be overlooked when converting a customer throughout the purchase process.



Rental & Purchase Options Available for Retail, Corporate, Events, Exhibitions, Etc.


Full In-House Development & Animation Team with an Expertise in Digital Content Creation for Innovative Technologies.


On-Site Support Team as well as the Ability to Manage & Update Content Remotely.