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3D Holograms3D HoloSPiNLED Fan Display

The 3D HoloSPIN is a 3D Holographic LED Fan Display designed to be used as a digital advertising platform. The LED fan display consists of two or four fan blades with many tiny bright LEDs that are built into the fan blades. The LED Fan is ideal in high traffic zones such as in retail, POS, and exhibition areas where brands and marketers want to capture their audience and stand out from the advertising clutter. The LED hologram fans are made to run for the full day in normal ambient room lighting environments. We are finding that the Hologram LED fans not only stand out and capture audiences attention against standard old fashioned print advertising clutter but actually also do fantastically well against standard LCD digital advertising methods. This showing that the new 3D HoloSPiN advertising hologram fans actually can be more impactful and cost-effective in the long run. Hologram LED Fans are for sale and are affordable and cost-effective to run. Enquire about the Hologram rental and purchase price today!
3D HoloSPiN Intro Video:

The Hologram LED fans (3D HoloSPiNs) is a plug and play holographic display unit, simple and easy to use. When the LED fan display is turned on, the blades start to spin, content on the tiny LEDs appears and is then updated to the millisecond and in essence, creates a flowing 3D Hologram video that looks to be floating in mid-air! 

The 3D Hologram LED Fan display make use of an optical illusion type technique to create a video in the air called POV (Persistence of Vision). LED POV displays are explained here in more detail: POV explanation.

This the 3D HoloSPiN was born - the "screen-less" 3D HoloSPIN is simple to install, operate and cost-effective. The magic happens once the switch is flipped on, 3D visuals appear to float in the air. Ensuring your content stands out in the marketing clutter and grabs the attention of the crowd and all passer-by's. Draw lingering crowds, perfect advertising solutions to businesses, for advertising, retail stores, shop fronts, exhibition, bar, casinos, product launch, product promotion, etc.
Content creation for the Hologram LED Fans
Afriten Technologies have been creating 2D and 3D holographic video content for over 10 years and are fully capable to create any 3D animation for the 3D HoloSPiN's. Content can be anything from a Logo animation, buzz words, buzz sentences, to a full detailed spinning 3D model such as car parts coming together to form a car and then seeing the car rotate around in a three-dimensional space. The LED Hologram fans allow us to create a detailed playlist consisting of many of your hologram videos, so we can loop a particular video many times or play many different videos one after each other. 
Mounting options of 3D HoloSPiN - 3D Holographic LED Fan Display:
We find that the Hologram LED fan displays work extremely well if they are rigged up in the air or inside a perspex housing with an open transparent backing, as long as there is no bright outdoor light or LED banner display behind the fan display then the image will be bright and stand out well. Bright lights our outdoor light from behind can tend to "wash the image out". Should the hologram fan displays be mounted onto a wall then we recommend either a black or white painted wall behind the fan blades. The choice would be up to the client, however, we find that white gives off more depth and can look more 3D as opposed to using a black wall background which could make the image look more "flat". 
In terms of plinths and stands choices, these are the following options that you can select from:
1. Mount the Holographic LED Fan Display high up onto a wooden wall or on your exhibition stand back wall using fan bracket. This would be 2.5m or more in the air to be out of the reach of guests. The wall behind can be painted white or black. We find white can give off a more 3D depth of your holographic content. 
2. Rigged from the ceiling of a showroom or from the trussing above your event or exhibition stand. Our fans can be mounted to a stable pole or truss structure. 
2. Lollypop stand - We have 6 x steel powder coated black 3m high lollypop stands that are available for rental. 
3. Lighting Tripod Stand - The use of Lighting tripod stands on either a tripod base or on castor wheels is a very popular affordable choice for clients looking to purchase the Hologram Fan Displays. It is so simple to pack up in a travel case and take with on a flight or take along in your car to an important client meeting. It is easy to set up in a matter of minutes when you arrive at your clients offices.
4. Custom Perspex cover with plinth. We can custom build any base out of wood or steel and custom fabricate an acrylic perspex housing. 
5. Retail stand - We can provide retail floor standing holographic LED fan stands with perspex dome coverings to protect the fan blades.
6. On table stand - We custom manufacture table stands with perspex box housings allowing you to place your holographic fan display on top of a table. 
7. Frame - We can create an on wall frame that looks like a picture frame with a perspex front covering. For our larger fan walls, we would build a large fan box housing with an acrylic perspex front. 
Many other mounting options to consider... 
Marketers are always on the lookout for the latest way to grab a potential customer's attention – something that's not easy in our sensory-overloaded, distraction-laden world. Retailers with this hardware installed are claiming increased measurements of customer engagement.

Since the technology is LED-based, the "holograms" are able to be clearly seen at a distance, even under brightly-lit conditions. Everyone from all (front) sides and various heights can witness the 3D content without too much of a skewed perspective.

 Videos of our 3D LED Holographic Fan Display:
- Eskom Young Scientists Expo
- Mining Indaba - Rigged from above exhibition stand
- Gauteng Exhibition Stand 
- Vodacom 100cm Fan 
- 39 LED Fan Video Wall Example with Acrylic Frame

3D HoloSPiN - Hologram LED Fan Video Wall is Now Available for rental and purchase!

  • We are now providing rental and purchase options of the Hologram LED Fan Video Walls. Sizes start from 13 LED fans up to 39 LED Fans. This allows us to create an affordable large LED hologram video wall display of up to 3.3M by 2.2M in size.



LED Hologram Video Wall sizes available:
13 LED Fans:


18 LED Fans:


25 LED Fans:


32 LED Fans:


39 LED Fans:


The world's first rechargeable LED Holographic Fan Display

We have just launched a new 30cm LED Holographic Fan display that comes with a rechargeable lithium battery. The battery has a life span of 5 hours. This makes the 3D HoloSPiN fan a fantastic digital eye-catching displays for activations where power is not available such as in-store retail activations or rural area promotions. it comes with a stand and protective covering that can be positioned on top of a table or mounted on a wall.

Take a look at the video: https://youtu.be/BPJSfdXsCQ0 

Free 3D Holographic LED Fan Software Download

We get daily emails from customers asking for us to supply them with 3DHoloSPiN LED Holographic Fan Display software. Clients mention that companies are charging them for the software. Suppliers are supplying them with fans without software. We have put together the most popular LED Fan Softwares and here are the download links. No passwords are needed. The software is free to download. Hopefully one of them may work for you! 
- Fan Software 1
- Fan Software 2
- Fan Software 3
- Fan Software 4

Click to View Afriten's 3D HoloSPiN Playlist

3D HoloSPIN - 3D Holographic LED Fan Display. Available for purchase and rental. The affordable Hologram Displayer for sale!


Draw lingering crowds, perfect advertising solutions to businesses, for advertising, retail stores, shop fronts, exhibition, bar, casinos, product launch, product promotion, etc.


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