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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality AR Application Development South Africa

Afriten Technologies South Africa create custom Augmented Reality / AR applications and Augmented Reality /AR experiences.


Augmented Reality (AR) is a software application that combines virtual 2D/3D or video elements with a live camera feed to create a mixed reality experience.


The software uses image recognition to identify a trigger, and motion tracking to keep the virtual elements anchored to the trigger.


The software is able to track print, product, facial features, places and shapes, as long as there is enough detail to track.


The software is further enhanced with interactive capabilities by tracking your hand over the trigger (like pressing buttons on a page) or identifying the movement of the trigger to be used as controller inputs in a gaming experience (e.g. a bottle of beer becomes the gaming remote).


The software is also able to include randomisation and algorithms in order to be used as an incentive delivery mechanism (e.g. 1 out of 10 winners).


Augmented Reality (AR) is a software application that combines virtual 2D/3D or video elements with a live camera feed to create a mixed reality experience. Afriten Technologies South Africa specialises in Augmented Reality (AR) for Kiosk Based Event platforms, as well as AR software application development for PC, Android and iOS devices.


There are many uses for Augmented Reality AR , which can be applied to any campaign or environment, namely:

- Event Live On-Stage Augmented Reality AR – Captivate your audience with a live AR presentation on stage along with the use of mixed reality goggles or a live camera and digital stream on stage showing jaw-dropping 3D CGI content.
- Mall Live Activational Augmented Reality AR - We setup a live video stream on a large LED display screen showing live streaming video content from a particular area. When the public or passer-bys walk into this AR activation area, they see themselves on the big screen with 3D imagery and 3D animating characters appearing around themselves. The activational AR software tracks the person in this space and allows them to interact with the 3D virtual content.
- Invite Augmented Reality AR - Use AR for your event invitations.
- At Home Augmented Reality AR – The web allows thousands of users to engage with it in their own space and time using their own computers and / or laptops.
- Kiosk Augmented Reality AR – Use our or your own existing hardware in the event/retail/exhibition space to get customers to engage with the Augmented Reality AR software experience.
- Mobile Augmented Reality AR (AR using Smartphones – iPhone and Android phones) –Let the customer engage with the AR wherever they are on their mobile devices.
- Tablet Augmented Reality AR – Similar to the mobile but on a bigger screen. iPad and Tablet stock available to rent for your next event.
- Augmented Reality AR Glasses or AR Goggles – Let the user see and experience it with their own eyes via specially designed mixed reality glasses.
- Amusement Park Augmented Reality AR– create an amusement ride using AR technology.
- FacIal Augmented Reality AR - Add real-time facial recognition technology to your AR application that will allow the users face to be tracked in the space.

* Augmented Reality AR is rated 1 of the top 10 disruptive technologies until beyond 2012.


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