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3 sided 3D Holographic Hologram Display with Product

The Dreamoc is a 3 sided LCD based holographic display designed specifically as a storytelling holographic display with a mixed reality experience where physical product and virtual 3D elements share the space. It combines a physical product with a holographic video that appears to be floating in mid-air around the product. This creates a mind-boggling effect that enhances the client's product and ensures that the advertising campaign stands out from any in-store advertising clutter. Allowing you to grab and hold customers attention and make any product look remarkable. Ideal for use at scale in retail stores, malls and crowded exhibition halls. 
The Dreamoc was the first LCD based 3D Holographic Display unit to be available in South Africa and to this date is the most popular 3D Holographic Display unit ever to be released in the country. It is probably also the worlds most successful 3D holographic unit to date. The Dreamoc is a user-friendly holographic display and cost effective in large quantities. It is the perfect holographic display for large rollouts in retail stores as it is plug and play and requires almost no technical support and is quick and easy to get up and running. It offers Full HD quality resolution, very easy to change the content or the physical product on display. For purchase, we import the special 3D Holographic glass optics and we build the rest of the unit locally ourselves - this makes the process much more affordable and cost-effective. We can manufacture a couple hundred each month.


This display is a great platform for grabbing a lot of attention in any busy commercial setting. The Dreamoc lets you tap into the curiosity of anyone passing by, making them stop and stare at your display by applying the experience of mixed reality. Being LCD it has a very long run time and can deal with any indoor ambient light conditions. 3 sided means it is ideally suited to be placed against a wall or facing one direction. Content can be seen from front on, left side as well as right side. The 3D content is customisable and sound with touch screens and gesture control sensors are additional options to make content interactive.
See below example of a Coke Bottle inside our Dreamoc Mixed Reality Display with 3D Video Content playing around the bottle. Making this a truly memorable 3D Holographic experience:
Dreamoc Video Links (Click link to open in new window):
Dreamoc Intro Video
Dreamoc at Tag Heuer event with Leonardo Di Caprio
Dreamoc at Siemens Event, South Africa
Dreamoc at AB inBev Innovation Day, South Africa
Dreamoc in use
Dreamoc XL (Bigger unit)
Dreamoc showing 2D playing video along with product inside
Dreamoc with 3D Animations around Coke Bottle

The Dreamoc is available for rental in 2 different sizes. We hold large rental stock of the retail size and own the actual Real Fiction Dreamoc units! See specifications below:

Dreamoc Retail
515mm long x 410mm wide x 380mm high (base: 1240mm high). Weight: 18kg (without base)


Dreamoc XL
1m long x 637mm wide x 677mm high (Without Base)
Dreamoc Point of Sale base concept design Options
(We can also add our Leap Motion hand gesture sensor to the stand to make the content interactive):


On the other hand, for purchase options - we can custom build any size that you may require. Any size from around 20" to 75" is feasible to custom build. Below is our larger 3 Sided Holographic Display, the design is based on the same concept of the Dreamoc and this is essentially its "Big Daddy Version" This unit is just around 2.2 meters in width and runs of a 70" LCD display. We custom build these as well as all sizes of Dreamoc displays locally to any spec required: 

Dreamoc Features:

  • Three-sided holographic mixed reality display
  • LCD Based - high brightness and image clarity
  • 2 different sizes are available for rental and any size for purchase can be custom built
  • Comes with a full range of optional accessories
  • Network ready
  • Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080p). Custom units can go up to 4k.

Dreamoc Accessories (can be ordered separately)  

  • Display Optics
  • Media Player
  • Remote controller for display panel
  • Touch tablet on plinth to select content
  • Wireless touch buttons
  • PIR sensors
  • Gesture hand sensors
  • Replacement LED lighting
  • Props or platforms to complement the animation
  • Flight case
  • Display stand

Afriten Technologies also custom build 3D Holographic Displays to your requirements:
Afriten Technologies have over 12 years experience providing 3D Holographic Displays to various industries within and around South Africa. We have the largest 3D Holographic Display rental stock available in the country and can also custom build and supply any size of 3D Holographic Hologram Displays that you may require. We specialise in providing plug & play LCD 3D Hologram advertising displays, LCD and LED 3D holographic displays, large scale event holographic mesh and foil projections. We can also build the 3D holographic display into a custom exhibition stand, fabrication into your retail store or into your corporate reception area, boardroom or retail store environment.

Click to View Afriten's 3D Hologram Videos

The Dreamoc is a three sided LCD based holographic display designed specifically as a product display with a mixed reality experience where physical product and virtual 3D elements share the space.


Events, Exhibitions, Retail, Point of Sale, Product Launches, Centre Court Activations


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