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Tomorrow's Technology Today!


Leading Innovative Technology Supplier in South Africa

Afriten Technologies is a Leading Innovative Technology Supplier in Johannesburg, South Africa. Bringing Innovative Technology Solutions to the Eventing, Exhibition, Corporate and Retail Markets. Our team has over 15 years of experience in this space. Our technology solutions are available on both purchase and hire models.

In a market with many providers of very similar products and in a modern society that is continuously becoming more and more difficult to impress, Afriten Technologies differentiated itself by becoming a one-of-a-kind unique AV Technology company by seeking out global providers of innovative Audio Visual Technologies, that have never been seen before on the African continent. Effectively bringing Tomorrows Technology to the Market… Today!

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Afriten's technology products seek to create attention and awareness amongst customers and guest of your brand. Enabling your brand or product to stand out from the advertising clutter. Ensuring your product or brand is top of mind and remembered for longer. 

Take a look at our about page to learn more information about our products and service offerings:

WOW, your guests at your next event...

The main strengths that set us apart from the rest!

Continuously innovating

In a market constantly needing something new, where improving on the past is mandatory in making sure to have an effect on customers, whilst simultaneously having an economic climate where more is required for less, means it is more important than ever to integrate the important have to have audio visual elements with unique technology items that will amaze and retain attention. Afriten Technologies is all about innovation and constant improvement through the use of modern AV technologies, about closing the gap between the ordinary and the Extraordinary, about the WOW factor, about 1st TIME EVER within a defined budget.

One-stop tech shop

Afriten Technologies is probably one of the only companies in the world that provide a myriad of many AV technologies under one house and even combines multiple technologies together to create new applications, along with the provision of everyday AV requirements that ensure the customer gets the best solution at the best price. We believe the requirements should dictate the solution and not that the product portfolio should sway the concept.

Full solution provider

Afriten Technologies seeks to be your Technology partner for all your needs, through its extensive experience, exclusive innovative product range, quality delivery, specialist content production capability, and even a concept service that translates your requirements into world-class audiovisual productions. Our senior technical team have ample experience covering national technology rollouts and we provide realtime cloud-based content updates as well as technical on-site and off-site support.
Afriten Technologies - Full Solution Technology Provider!
Job Flow Example
Allow 1 of our representatives to take a detailed brief of the job requirements from customer.
Content goes through a strict testing process.  
Afriten team conceptualises the brief and provides a proposal and budget to client.
Customer views content and changes, (if any) are actioned.
Job acceptance. Lead times and terms are agreed upon.
National roll out of technology solutions and products according to customers approved schedule.
Full in-house content creation. Including 2D/3D animation and C# Development.
We provide full technical support after roll out. Including cloud based real-time content updates as well as on-site and off-site technical support.
Over 12 years of experience!
Afriten Technologies team has been providing 3D Holographic Displays, Interactive Touch Screen Technologies, Interactive Projections, Holographic content, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Custom Application Development to the South African market for over 12 years, making us 1 of the longest providers of these technologies in the country! 

We are not a fly-by-night hologram supplier looking to make a quick buck, so you can be assured that we have the capabilities, team, infrastructure and knowledge to seamlessly handle any set up anywhere in the country! 

Take a look at a countywide VW Polo Roadshow that we did in 2009 for Volkswagen South Africa. The space legend, Neil Armstrong came to South Africa to do a talk next to our globally patented holographic rear projection screen - >
Video from event:

We met the Space Legend, Neil Armstrong at the roadshow, 10 years ago!


We take pride in delivering only the best and ensuring our customers are happy. We have done business with well over 100 blue-chip companies throughout South Africa over the past 10+ years. 

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