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LED Video Wall and TV Screens

Hiring and Purchase of LED video walls and LCD/LED TV displays IN sOUTH aFRICA

Welcome to Afriten Technologies, your premier destination for LED Video Walls, transparent displays, and TV Screens for hire and purchase in South Africa. With a legacy of over two decades, we lead the industry in providing cutting-edge visual solutions. Elevate your events, exhibitions, and brand activations with our diverse range of indoor and outdoor LED Video Walls, LCD Displays, and LED TV Screens.

Afriten Technologies stands at the forefront of innovation, offering a comprehensive selection of LED Video Walls and TV Screens. With a commitment to quality and excellence, we cater to the needs of blue-chip marketers, branders, marketing agencies, and CEOs seeking impactful visual displays.

Explore Our LED Video Wall and TV Screen Products: Embark on a visual journey with Afriten Technologies’ LED Video Wall and TV Screen solutions. Our products are available for hire, rental, and purchase, providing versatility for various applications. From impactful LED Video Walls to sleek LCD Displays and vivid LED TV Screens, our offerings are designed to transform your visual experiences.

Video Walls and Digital TV Screen Products

Digital Displays are displays that show digital content such as videos, images, and other interactive media. Our digital display products include LCD / LED TV screens, Indoor and Outdoor LED Vide walls, Interactive LED floors, digital LED banner displays, 3D billboard anamorphic illusion video wall displays, projection mapping, projection on glass film displays, HD digital poster walls, smart mirror displays, and much more. Our digital displays available for hire, rental and purchase options through out South Africa.

Whether you’re in need of a standard TV screen on TV stand hire, a striking large LED video wall, or a captivating multiple screen gesture controlled HD poster wall display for your next expo, Afriten Technologies is your go-to destination for innovative and tech-driven visual solutions. Our expertise extends beyond traditional displays to creating engaging and jaw-dropping gesture-controlled apps and experiences on large digital displays. With a commitment to innovation and technology, we bring creativity to life, ensuring that your visual presentations leave a lasting impact. Explore the possibilities of cutting-edge displays with Afriten Technologies, where every visual solution is crafted with innovation and technical excellence.


Digital Displays are displays that show digital content such as videos, images, and other interactive media. Our digital display products include LCD / LED TV screens, Indoor and Outdoor LED Vide walls, Interactive LED floors, digital LED banner displays, 3D billboard anamorphic illusion video wall displays, projection mapping, projection on glass film displays, HD digital poster walls, smart mirror displays, and much more. Our digital displays available for hire, rental and purchase options through out South Africa.



Elevate your brand or product presentation in retail or corporate environments with our range of LCD, LED, and Plasma TVs accompanied by sleek TV stands, available for hire or rent. These displays serve as excellent digital signage solutions for events and expos, providing a dynamic platform to showcase your content. Choose from our selection of TV stands, featuring options with a sleek sock on the base or a draped totem pole design, tailored to enhance the visual impact of your next event. Explore purchase and rental options to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge display technology into your promotional efforts.

indoor and outdoor LED VIDEO WALLs


Exceeding expectations with unparalleled resolution and brilliance, our LED video walls emerge as the ultimate solution for a diverse range of settings. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor events, exhibitions, expansive digital back wall displays, captivating event stage digital backdrops, or dynamic digital signage, these LED video walls deliver a visual spectacle that captivates audiences. With their remarkable performance, LED video walls are consistently in high demand, becoming a sought-after rental choice for our clients’ events and exhibition stands. Elevate your brand’s visibility and create a lasting impact with the stunning visual appeal of our LED video walls, setting the stage for an immersive and unforgettable experience.



Experience an unparalleled level of interaction with our Interactive LED floors and walls, where users can engage with the display through touch or motion, resulting in a truly unique and captivating experience. Our versatile LED floors can operate without interactivity or be enhanced with interactive features using motion sensors. Particularly popular for entrance areas, our LED floors are frequently rented out to create immersive environments, often transformed into interactive red carpet themes for event entrances, adding an extra layer of excitement to special occasions.

3D DIGITAL Billboards


3D digital billboards, also known as 3D anamorphic digital illusion billboards, are a type of digital out-of-home advertising that uses 3D technology to create a unique and immersive experience for viewers. These billboards employ special techniques that make the images appear three-dimensional, creating a sense of depth that captures the attention of the audience.

The technology behind these billboards work by displaying video animations onto a flat digital wall surface, using a combination of optical illusions, forced perspective, and shading. The images are then viewed from a specific angle, which gives the illusion of a 3D object. This technique is also known as anamorphic projection.

LED banners


Introducing LED banners, the epitome of versatility in dynamic visual displays. These slim, pull-up style screens harness the cutting-edge technology of LEDs to effortlessly showcase images and videos. Offering a mobile and adaptable alternative to larger LED walls, these banners are easily set up and can be relocated as needed. The modular nature of LED banners allows them to be stacked together, creating an expansive LED display that adapts to diverse spatial requirements. Ideal for events, exhibitions, and temporary displays, LED banners provide a practical solution where a larger, more permanent LED wall may not be feasible. With their vibrant and attention-grabbing displays, LED banners serve as a compelling means to stand out and make a significant impact at any event, ensuring that your message is both noticed and remembered.



Embark on a visual journey with projection mapping technology—a cutting-edge innovation that transforms irregular surfaces into captivating displays. We project images or videos onto diverse surfaces, breathing life into buildings, vehicles, and even die-cut logos. Imagine your brand logo dynamically coming to life through projection mapping, captivating audiences with engaging displays. Whether illuminating a building facade, adorning a vehicle with mesmerizing visuals, or animating a die-cut logo, our projection mapping services offer limitless creative possibilities. Elevate your brand presence with innovative and visually immersive experiences, where surfaces become canvases, and ordinary objects transform into extraordinary showcases of creativity.

Rear projection film


Our rear projection film is a versatile solution that allows you to turn any glass or perspex flat surface into a projection screen. We sell rear projection film in South Africa by the roll or per meter off the roll. It comes in a range of colors including white, clear holographic, light and dark grey, and black. You can purchase it by the meter or in a roll that measures 1524mm wide and 30 meters long. It is easy to install and allows you to set up a projection display in any location.



Smart glass film (on/off film) if a film that gets applied to glass that can switch between transparent and opaque modes, allowing you to create a private space or display a video or image on the glass. It is often used in boardrooms environments.



They consist of multiple HD screens positioned with a gap between them, mounted onto a back wall. These displays can be used to loop motion graphic video content, creating a dynamic and eye-catching display that can be used at events, exhibitions, or in reception areas. By using HD poster walls, you can effectively showcase your brand or products in a unique and impactful way.



Smart Mirror TVs are a unique type of display that can blend seamlessly into a room’s decor when turned off, appearing like a regular mirror. However, when turned on, they can display videos, images, or other digital content, making them versatile and visually appealing. They can be used in various settings, such as bathrooms, as a photo booth, or in other creative ways.



The invisible screen is a special type of screen that utilizes polarizing technology to make the screen appear invisible when viewed without polarizing glasses. When viewed through polarizing glasses, however, the screen becomes visible and can display images or video. This technology creates a unique and immersive viewing experience, making it ideal for events, exhibitions, and other special occasions.

LED Video Staircases


A new innovative digital medium is starting to take off internationally where companies, clubs and bars are now implementing digital LED video staircases and renovating staircases with Smart Led Lights.

Casper Cloaking Technology


Casper Cloaking Technology stands as an architectural window film designed for glass walls, effectively concealing digital screens from external view. This innovative solution serves as an intelligent shield, safeguarding data privacy and fostering a secure environment for collaborative work without compromising confidentiality. This new innovation is a must have for all corporate glass boardrooms. We have successfully installed Casper Cloaking Technology for many companies in South Africa, ensuring a seamless integration of privacy and collaboration in prestigious corporate settings.


Immerse your space in the future of visual technology with our Transparent Display Products, a revolutionary innovation that transforms ordinary shop front displays into into large captivating holographic advertising showcase spaces. These transparent displays offer a unique blend of cutting-edge design and functionality, allowing you to create stunning visual experiences. Ideal for shop fronts or car dealerships behind glass or large windows, these displays serve as innovative digital signage, providing a dynamic and interactive platform for showcasing products or promotions. The transparency of the rack system, available in sleek grey or black, ensures that customers can seamlessly see through the glass into the shop or showroom, while immersive holographic videos play on the displays. Our Transparent LED Displays redefine the boundaries of visual communication, offering a transparent canvas for creativity. Our new Transparent Soft Film Displays introduce a new era with adhesive film technology, turning glass into holographic LED displays, Our OLED screens, providing a futuristic and captivating 4k viewing experience, and are great for POS window advertising and promotions. Elevate your visual presentations with the transparency and versatility of our Transparent Display Products.

Transparent LED Displays


Transparent Soft Film Displays


Transparent OLED Displays


10 Benefits of Using LED Video Walls and TV Screens for Your Visual Displays at your next event or expo

  1. Dynamic Visual Impact: Capture attention and create memorable visual experiences with vibrant LED Video Walls and TV Screens.

  2. Versatility in Applications: From corporate presentations to retail displays, our visual solutions cater to a wide range of applications.

  3. Customizable Content: Tailor your content to suit specific events, promotions, or brand messaging with ease.

  4. Seamless Integration: Our LED Video Walls and TV Screens seamlessly integrate into various environments, enhancing the overall ambiance.

  5. Flexible Rental Options: Choose from our flexible rental options, allowing you to access cutting-edge technology without a long-term commitment.

  6. Scalable Solutions: Scale your visual displays based on the size and requirements of your event or space.

  7. High Resolution and Clarity: Enjoy crystal-clear visuals with high resolution, ensuring every detail is presented with precision.

  8. Enhanced Brand Visibility: Position your brand prominently with visually striking LED displays that leave a lasting impression.

  9. Expert Support and Maintenance: Benefit from our dedicated support and maintenance services, ensuring your visual displays operate seamlessly.

  10. Impactful ROI: Measure the impact of your visual displays with analytics and insights, providing valuable data for future campaigns.

Unlock the potential of your visual displays with Afriten Technologies’ LED Video Walls and TV Screens. Contact us today to explore our range of products and services.

LED Video Walls, Led/lCD digital Screens, and for any transparent display sales and rental Inquiries

Thank you for considering Afriten Technologies as your top choice for LED Video Wall, TV Screen solutions and transparent displays. Explore our diverse range of products, featuring cutting-edge LED Video Walls, LCD Displays, and LED TV Screens, available for hire and purchase throughout South Africa. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering unparalleled service and support, guiding you seamlessly from the initial acquisition of visual technology to ongoing assistance and updates. With a comprehensive 360-degree solution encompassing nationwide setup, support, and installation, we ensure a hassle-free LED Video Wall and TV Screen experience. Whether you’re aiming to make a visual impact at events, enhance brand visibility, or transform your space with dynamic displays, Afriten Technologies has the perfect solution for you. Click here to visit our contact page for more information about our exceptional LED Video Wall and TV Screen products and services.


  • Diverse Range of LED Video Wall and TV Screen Solutions: Explore a wide spectrum of visual solutions, from LED Video Walls and LCD Displays to LED TV Screens. Our extensive product range caters to various applications, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your requirements.

  • Tailored Fabrication Options: Seeking a customized solution for your event or installation? Benefit from our bespoke LED Video Wall and TV Screen fabrication and design options, allowing us to create tailor-made solutions that align perfectly with your needs.

  • In-House Visual Content Creation Team: Rely on our skilled team with years of experience in crafting captivating content. From dynamic LED Video Wall displays to engaging LCD content, our experts ensure that your message is effectively communicated to your audience through visually stunning applications and presentations.

  • Rich Expertise: With a remarkable 15 years of experience in the South African market, we have successfully executed numerous LED Video Wall and TV Screen installations for events, exhibitions, and shopping malls. Our proven track record speaks to our commitment to delivering impactful visual experiences.

  • Competitive Rental and Purchase Options: Take advantage of our competitive rates for LED Video Walls, LCD Displays, and LED TV Screen rentals and purchases. Our pricing options make it convenient for you to access cutting-edge visual technology without compromising on affordability.

  • Professional Installation and Support: Experience hassle-free setup and operation with our professional delivery, installation, and onsite technical support services across South Africa. Our dedicated team ensures that your LED Video Wall and TV Screen displays are seamlessly integrated and operating at their best.