Interactive and Digital Touch Technologies Available for Rental in South Africa.

Afriten Technologies specialises in providing clients with an Interactive, Innovative, Digital Display Approach to their next Exhibition Stand, conference or tradeshow.
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Countrywide support. 
We are able to provide digital, interactive AV technology rental and support in any of the major cities/regions in South Africa: 
  • Johannesburg, Gauteng, Centurion and Pretoria. 
  • Cape Town. 
  • Durban. 
  • Surround areas and venues such as Sun City, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth and many more. 

Digital, Interactive and Holographic displays create flow and movement at your exhibition stand area.
Afriten Technologies partners with exhibition stand builders with the ability to build any custom exhibition stand around South Africa. We project manage your exhibition stand build or work as your technology partner along with your current exhibition stand company. We own various different innovative technology products and develop content for the hardware. We have over 12 years experience in this field. Creating an affordable technology solution. These solutions are available for rental for your next expo stand or event. 

Full exhibition solution provider.
Afriten Technologies solutions include Technology rental, Digital Content Creation, Delivery and setup on-site, Technical on-site Support, and Break down from the site when the exhibition ends. 

5 Benefits to go interactive and digital at your next exhibition stand in South Africa:
  1. Ensuring a more memorable hands-on experience for your customers and clients with your brand & products, therefore remembering your brand much longer. 
  2. Digital is green - You can email your brochure or catalogue to potential clients, you can record digital databases. Saving on paper and promoting innovation and going green. 
  3. Change content daily - As the content displayed on your exhibition stand is digital, this allows you to update content themes, change content daily or as needed., add welcoming custom messages to digital displays for important delegates.  
  4. Innovation - Stand out between competition and break through the traditional clutter by being perceived as being more innovative and technologically advanced when compared to your competition. We have over 10 years experience in the digital and interactive exhibition space and find customers/clients remember your brand/products more and share their experience with their colleagues, friends and family.  
  5. Cost effective - Clients invest in digital content creation for their initial exhibitions and events. Once the digital content has been created, they then own the content. Allowing them to re-use it at no additional costs going forward and as many times as they like. This content could also be used at other mediums such as online or during presentations. This effectively becomes more cost-effective than print in the long run. 

The following Interactive Digital Technologies are available on a rental basis for your next expo stand in South Africa in 2019:
  • Digital Displays - LED Video Walls, LCD Digital Posters, LCD screen rentals.  
  • Touch Screens - Touch Screen Panels, Touch Screen Kiosks, Touch Screen Registration Kiosks. 
  • 3D Holographic Hologram Displays - 1 side 3D hologram displays, 3 Sided Dreamoc Hologram Displays, 4 Sided 360 Degree Cheoptics Hologram Displays, Fog Screen Displays, LED Hologram Fan Displays (3D HoloSPiN). 
  • Projection - Interactive wall projections, Interactive floor projections, Precise conductive ink driven Touch walls, Gesturetek Floorcube Plug & Play unit, Interactive LED Flooring. 
  • Virtual Presenters - A projection of a pre-recorded video of a presenter onto a cut-out material. Allowing you to have a virtual salesperson at your stand.
  • Video Logos - Video projections on to a cut out of your logo. Bringing your logo to life.  
  • Virtual Reality - Google Cardboard V2 Fully Branded for giveaways, HTC Vive Virtual Reality VR headset with PC's, Samsung Gear VR Headsets. Largest stock of Virtual Reality Headsets available for rental in South Africa! 
  • Augmented Reality - Facial Tracking Apps, AR Kiosks, AR mobile Applications. 
  • Interactive Gesture Displays - We create Unity 3D Gesture based interactive applications allowing guests to navigate through your content, experience or game by gesturing their hands or body in mid-air. We provide Leap Motion and Kinect and other Camera-based and IR tracking solutions. We also own a Digital Air Graffiti Wall. 
  • Analytics - Measure and record traffic on your stand area via cameras, WiFi and Bluetooth based devices. 
  • Innovative Bar Solutions - AutoBar allows you to create a bot-driven cocktail/mocktail or Juice bar, Coffee foam printer, Thailand inspired ice cream roll machines. 
  • Digital Registration - Touch screen kiosk cloud-based event and conference digital registration, with or without name badge/lanyard printing. Registration with a virtual presenter. 
  • Tablet Rental - Rental of Android Galaxy Tablets, Rental of iPads. 
  • Tablet enclosure Rentals in South Africa- Rental of iPad Enclosures, Rental of Tablet Enclosures and secure Tablet stands
  • Projector rental - stock of 7,000 lumens laser projectors, Ultra-short throw projectors and Short throw projectors. 
  • Other: We have an R&D Team able to assist with any custom tech solution expo requirements. Contact us at for further information. 

Content Creation.
Our Multimedia team specialises in the creation of digital, 3D Holographic, interactive and gesture-based content. We have over 12 years experience in this field.
  • Exhibition stand design.
  • Graphic Design - Vector based large format graphic design for branding and exhibition stand wall branding.
  • Animation - 2D Motion Graphics, 3D Animated Explainer Videos and 3D Holographic Video creation. 
  • App Development - Digital Event Registration Application Development, Conference Application Development, Large Database Driven Gamification Based Mobisites and Applications, Unity C# Development for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Gesture based devices such as Kinect and Leap Motion.
  • Location-based tracking and gamification at Events. Allow guest locations to be tracked at your event via event gamification or wireless technologies. Rewards guests and attendees of your event for visiting any amount or any particular stand/s.
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