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Uses: Events, Exhibitions, Product Launches, Parties, Mall Activations, Reception Areas.


Technology Product Introduction

Afriten Technologies provide a range of LED Floor solutions to suit various application types.

LED Flooring allows you to setup a digital, engaging interactive or non interactive high brightness LED digital floor area at the entrance to your event, exhibition, activation, or reception area.

LED Floors showcase innovation to guests and customers as they walk over a digital display. We find LED floors to be very impactful towards guests, they have a much higher rate of seeing, remembering and viewing your digital message and it is stands out from any advertising clutter. 

Our interactive LED floor solution combines the LED floor setup with a depth motion sensor that gets placed above the digital floor area. This allows us to create interactive digital floor applications, experiences and games. 

Unlike standard interactive floors this digital interactive floor does not use a projector. 

Although a premium and more costly solution then compared to a projected interactive floor, there are a couple advantages over using a LED floor over an interactive Floor Projection such as: 

– No shadows or break in the projection,

– Higher brightness and works in lighter areas without requiring an expensive high brightness projector.

– Digital HD High Definition clarity then a projector.

Technology Product Uses in South Africa

– Digital LED Floor

– Interactive LED Floor

– Digital LED Dance Floor

– Digital LED Stair Cases

Technology Product Specifications

– LED Floor Tiles of 500mm x 500 dimension per tile.

– Availability of up to 20 square meters in South Africa for hire usages for events, any amount can be purchased for corporate usages.

– High brightness.

– Indoor usage

 – Waterproof – Drinks and small amounts of liquids can be spilled onto the floor.

– High Load Capacity – LED floor surfaces have the ability to hold heavy load capacity. You can build an expo stands on the floor or drive a car on top of the LED Floor area for a car exhibits. 

Modular LED Floor – Allowing us to build any shape and size floors both vertically and horizontally as we require to expand the digital floor area.

Content Creation

– Video content: Our multimedia studio creates custom digital HD looping video animations, welcome messages and call to actions to play on the LED Floor or you can provide video content to us. We will provide you with the resolutions and required formats. 

– Interactive Content: Depending on your brief and budget, interactive content is quite customisable or stock ready. We have a number of standard effects which can be easy branded with your branding and event relative artwork, tweaked effects where we can tweak a number of interactive expeirences and games, we can also create a complete custom interactive floor experience or game. 

Similar Relative Technology Product Offerings

We also handle interactive projected floors (iFloors), interactive projected walls (iWalls), Interactive bar counters (iBars), Gesture based interactive experiences and custom conductive mapped touch walls.

Digital LED Video Staircases

A new innovative digital medium is starting to take off internationally where companies, clubs and bars are now implementing digital LED staircases.


Technology Product Pictures


Technology Product Videos

Why select Afriten Technologies as your Innovative Technology Supplier

Afriten Technologies is a leading Technology and digital activation specialist in South Africa. Bringing innovative solutions to the eventing, exhibition and retail markets, with over 15 years of experience in this space. 


In a market with many providers of very similar products and in a modern society that is constantly becoming more and more difficult to impress, Afriten differentiated itself by becoming a one-of-a-kind unique AV company by seeking out global providers of innovative Audio Visual technologies and digital solutions, never before seen on the African continent. Effectively brining tomorrows technology to the market… Today!


Our range of products create attention and awareness for your brand. Enabling your brand or product to stand out from the advertising clutter. Ensuring your product or brand is top of mind and remembered for longer.


Solutions, covering the fields of 3D Holographic solutions, Augmented and Virtual Reality, 3D, interactive products like touch and gesture, motion and non-motion simulations, and many other audio visual solutions including even scent technologies as well automated bar solutions.


There are not many innovative technology companies in South Africa that have the vast experience and expertise in the 3D holographic. Touch Screen and Virtual Reality space and have worked in this space for as long as we have. 


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Afriten Technologies is a full solution Technology provider in South Africa

Afriten South Africa handle the full technology roll out so you do not need to worry about anything. The technology gear, audiovisual components, digital content creation process as well as the countrywide setup, installation and support will all be handled professionally, cost effectively and on time. 

  1. Innovative Technology Solutions – Available on both Rental or Purchase models.
  2. Technical – Countrywide Installation and Technical on-site Support and maintenance.
  3. Content Creation, updates and support.

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