We ensure that your On-Site Event Registration is a breeze!

Afriten Technologies has over 10 years of experience providing on-site event registration management solutions to the event, conference and exhibition industries throughout South Africa. Summary of registration solutions that we offer: We handle the full On-site Event Registration process at your event for visitor and guest registration, Event Management RSVP Services, Digital Touch Screen Event Check-in, Conference Name Badge Printing, Registration Systems, Registration App, Registration Software, Event Digital seating arrangement Software, Tracking Solutions, Network Solutions, Electonic Lead Form generation and Lead Capture, Online RSVP Technology, On-site Staffing and technical support.

Offering a wide range of on-site registration solutions for our clients to make registration a breeze! 

Afriten Technologies has partnered with The Registration Guys in South Africa, allowing us to offer our clients a full range of digital on-site registration management services and solutions for events, exhibitions, conferences, corporate functions and Gala dinners. 
We provide all the required electronic technology hardware equipment and software that is needed to ensure the registration of your event runs smoothly and effortlessly.
Afriten Technologies on-site event registration offering difference:
  • We boast over 12 years of experience in South Africa as a leading innovative technology solution and software development provider. This means we have large hardware stock in-house and we are always innovative and providing state of the art hardware solutions. 
  • Our goal is to register as many visitors and guests in as quick as possible in terms of time to avoid and limit any queues. We are always looking to innovate and improve our software offerings with speed and ease of registration in mind.
We handle the full event registration solution and process. This means mean you do not have to worry about this at all, this allows you to focus on more important tasks to ensure your event runs smoothly and is a success! 
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  • On-Site Event registration is done digitally on our state of the art 22" or 40" Touch Screens with various kiosk housings. The event registration kiosks can be fully colour branded with your event logos and event-themed branding. 
  • Name Badge printing with both full colour and black and white options. for increased registration speed we colour print name badges before the show and then print the black and white portion at the show allowing quicker turn around times of guests at registration booths.
  • Digital Seat allocation. Allowing us to assign guests seating numbers, edit or change seating on the spot on the database if needed.
  • Live reporting: We provide the client with a live cloud-based reporting system. Allowing them to see who has registered, who have not registered yet, how many walk-ins there are, how many have printed name badges, etc etc.
  • Event Tracking
  • Much much more! 
We offer cost-effective registration for guests, making the registration solutions a breeze. We have a couple of different package solutions which are available based on your budget.
Our Registration Guys Standard Offerings (Summary):
  • Digital Onsite Registration
  • Registration done using an event themed branded Self-contained digital touch screen kiosk.
  • The option of a built-in name badge printer.
  • Optional Biometric Authentication.
  • Optional NFC authentication allowing an NFC tap tracking and analytics registration system - recording of guests movements around your event/expo.
  • Optional RFID authentication is done using wireless RFID antennas strategically placed around your event or expo, allowing you to record guest movements and analytics at your event/expo.
  • Database building, Data Capturing.
  • Offering both online cloud-based registration systems (Allowing the client to see live guest attendance analytics) as well as offline event registration systems. 

Afriten Technologies, your registration partner in South Africa:

Over 10 years experience providing digital, technology driven registration solutions in South Africa!
Owning a large stock of registration hardware and equipment, allowing us to handle any size event registration with ease!
Always innovating in the event on-site services space!
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Where can I use On-Site Event Registration:

  • Events

  • Exhibitions

  • Conferences

  • Corporate Functions

  • Gala Dinners

  • Product Launches

  • Reception Areas