3D Holograms

3D Holographic Stage – Peppers Ghost Illusion

We design, build and project manage the installation of large scale 3D Holographic Stages. It is a large scale Hologram stage system that allows for life-like, life-size images to be displayed. Using the peppers ghost concept. we can add a new dimension to your product launch by adding a 3D holographic stage setup that will amaze your audience, capable of high definition 3D video projections. Our hologram stage projections can 'wow' and captivate your audience like never before. There is no need for 3D glasses, the holographic projection techniques that we use means that the 3D holograms appear to float on stage with astonishing depth.
There is no practical size limit as the screen can be to up to 100 meters wide. Standard Holographic Stage sized setups tend to be 4 meters to 10 meters wide and 4 meters to 7 meters deep. Typical image size from a single projector is approximately 5 meters wide by 3 meters high. 


How Does The Holographic Stage Work?

The 3D Holographic Stage System incorporates a ‘performer’s stage’ that is equipped with state of the art LED lighting and is usually boxed with hard paneling or dark draping along the sides and back of the system. The Holographic screen sits on a 45˚ angle between the stage and the audience and at least one high powered, high definition video projector is mounted in front of the foil, projecting onto either the floor or ceiling depending on foil orientation. Live or pre-recorded shows can be shown on the 3D Holographic Stage unit. 

Where Can 3D Holographic Staging Be Used?

The 3D Holographic projection system is designed to work in public performance areas such as concert venues, product launches, theaters, exhibition centers, nightclubs, marquees, large office environments, retail stores and TV studios.

Some ideas of what you can do with a holographic stage setup

  • Beam your CEO onto the stage as a 3D hologram. He could then give a full presentation to the audience.
  • Show off your company logo and latest product offerings with their features with spinning, animating 3D video content.
  • Allow a real presenter or celebrity to have a conversation with a virtual version of themselves, confusing the audience as to which one is real.
  • View a live concert performance while streaming the performance to different cities and locations at the same time via 3D holographic Staging.

Advantages of using 3D Holographic Stage Setups


1. Scale - Large 3D holograms setups can be done on stage.

2. Clarity of image - Because the screen is so thin there is no drop shadow created when objects are projected onto it, as there would be if a system were using glass or perspex. Therefore, creating crisper, sharper and consequently more realistic representations of the object or person being projected than any other medium.

3. Net can be cut - Unlike glass, the Hologram Screen can be cut even when it has been fully installed. 

4. Transportation - Easily transported in pipes with crew.

5. Safety - Hologram Screen can not shatter and poses no danger to crew installing it or working along side it. 

6. Rigging Time - Hologram Screen is typically rigged in a couple of hours. The rigging process is fairly straight forward and our installers work alongside the technical crew.

Content creation

Afriten Technologies will work with your creative or marketing team to draw up the perfect storyboard for your Holographic event or show. We have a talented team of in-house 2D/3D modelers and animators and full video production team who can create any kind of Holographic content for your event!

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3D Holographic Staging consists of a large scale Holographic staging setup that allows for life-like, life-size 3D images to be displayed on stage at your event.


The 3D Holographic projection system is a full stage setup designed to work in public performance areas such as concert venues, product launches, theaters, exhibition centers, nightclubs, marquees, large office environments, retail stores and TV studios.


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