3D Holograms

1 Sided Landscape 3D Holographic Display

Flare 320 is a large 1 sided landscape LCD-based 3D holographic Peppers Ghost unit. Just like some of our other units, the Flare offers a mixed reality experience with physical product display combined with mapped holographic 3D content. Flare 320 can be used to produce a 3D image or video of any product and display it in 3D without any special glasses. The result is a stunning display of your multiple products in 3D, which will leave viewers spellbound. We are sure that you will be amazed too by what Afriten Technologies Flare 320 can do for you.
The LCD ensures it is ideal for any lighting conditions in a retail or exhibition environment and supports long term use with little technical support. Very Easy to use in order to change content and the physical product. The content and outer shell of the unit are completely customisable and the unit comes standard with sound.

Available to rent or purchase:
Afriten Technologies rental 1 sided Landscape Holographic Display units come in 32” and 55” sizes. Any size can be manufactured to your specifications.
3D Holographic Display is an interesting advertising tool to promote and publicize various products and services in trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, business shows, offices, show rooms, malls, hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, airports, etc. Afriten Technologies is a leading supplier of 3D holograms and 3D holographic advertising displays in South Africa. For any further information, send us a message on our contact form and we will get back to you.

Afriten Technologies also custom build 3D Holographic Displays to your requirements:
Afriten Technologies have over 12 years experience providing 3D Holographic Displays to various industries within and around South Africa. We have the largest 3D Holographic Display rental stock available in the country and can also custom build and supply any size of 3D Holographic Hologram Displays that you may require. We specialise in providing plug & play LCD 3D Hologram advertising displays, LCD and LED 3D holographic displays, large scale event holographic mesh and foil projections. We can also build the 3D holographic display into a custom exhibition stand, fabrication into your retail store or into your corporate reception area, boardroom or retail store environment.

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Flare 320 is a single-side landscape LCD based 3D holographic unit. This 3D Hologram technology is available in various sizes for purchase and rental units are available from 32" and 55". Afriten Technologies is a leading 3D hologram advertising supplier in South Africa and throughout Africa


Events, Exhibitions, Retail, Point of Sale, Product Launches, Centre Court Activations


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