Fog Screen – Rear Projected Fog Display System

The Fog rear projection screen produces a thin surface of "dry" fog. The fog surface serves as a projection screen, displaying images or video that float in mid-air.


When images or video clips float in mid-air on a wall of fog, everyone is instantly intrigued to touch it, walk through it and interact with it. This ensures the Fog Screen captivates your audience and instantly gets them engaging with your content.



Create a ‘reveal’ effect with a Fog Screen display. By placing the fog screen at an entrance to your event, you’ll be sure to create an unforgettable experience for customers from the moment they enter. 


The Fog Screen display creates a whole new advertising platform on which ads float in the air and shoppers can walk through and physically interact with. FogScreen’s Ads in the Air provide retailers and advertisers with a unique way of displaying ads that attract and hold the attention of shoppers. Customers are amazed to see the ads floating in the air above the escalator and reach out to touch them, often smiling and talking about this amazing experience as they go through the advertisement.



We have a 2.4 Meter Fog screen rear projection screen system that is now available for rental in South Africa for your next event or shopping mall advertising campaign. The system needs a space of 3m wide by 3 meters high as we normally use a 3 meter goal post trussing to house the fog screen. The projector needs to also be rigged or requires an additional set of goal post trussing. The Fog screen and projector can also be rigged to the ceiling should the venue have rigging points that we can use. A large container or bucket is filled with water that feeds into the fog screen system. The water gets converted into "dry" fog or very fine "dry" water mist. For permanent installations, we connect the system to permanent plumbing piping. 
Videos of our Rear Projected Fog Screen Display Setup at Previous Events in South Africa:

- CTICC Event for CCG
- Internet Solutions Launch
- SAP Exhibition Stand at Sun City

Fog Screen Display at previous events South Africa

Fog Screen - Rear Projection Fog Display System


Great to be used at an event entrance as an event reveal or in malls for mall advertising. Ensuring that this advertising medium will be more captivating for your audience and instantly get them engaging with your content.


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