Leap Motion Controller is Available in South Africa – Allowing Gesture-Based Precise Hand Interaction

Precise Hand and Finger Gesture Tracking using the Leap Motion Controller - Gesture is the new touch! Leap Motion Controller is now available in South Africa. We have local stock on hand!


Why touch a screen when you can use hand gestures to completely control the content?


Why not do your next large screen presentation using gesture rather than touch?


Any AV solution from projection to video walls to LCD screens can be used with the addition of the interactive gesture-based sensors to register the gestures and with the required programming to convert this gesture to motion control.

There is no doubt that the Leap Motion controller is 1 of the smallest, most precise gesture-based devices out there. It is small and compact and definitely one of the coolest things we've seen. 
The Leap Motion Controller gives us the opportunity to control and complete a number of visual tasks that we do on our desktop and laptop computers on a daily basis using 3D and gestural controls. We program the software applications to pick up and interact differently to various gestures, such as various hand movements, swipes, pointing, claps, etc. 

Content creation possibilities are unlimited depending on budget to make the content as rich as possible. Hand based gesture tracking, body tracking or motion based object tracking is all possible! The creative options and possibilities are endless. Guaranteed to draw interest and get the audience having fun while learning your material. The Leap Motion Controller does provide a pretty good taste of where computer interfaces are heading towards in the future and that future looks very bright and exciting!


We specialise in providing Leap Motion and Kinect gesture-based solutions and have also worked with many other motion-based infrared and camera-based tracking solutions. We have since created over 20 Unity 3D C# Gesture Based interactive experiences, applications and games.
Chat with us to see how we can help bring your idea to life. 
Solutions offered:
    • Leap Motion – Precise hand gestures able to pick up both hands as well as 10 fingers accurately.


    • Kinect – Able to track the human body and full human skeleton tracking.


    • Various Camera and Infrared based Tracking.


    • Motion Based Tracking.


    • Gesture Based Content Creation – Includes full graphic design and user interface design, 3D Modelling and animations required, Unity 3D and C#Application development. We have built over 20 executable gesture-based interactive applications and games. We are a specialist when it comes to creating interactive gesture-based applications, experiences and games in South Africa.


  • Plinths and Kiosks for events and exhibitions – We stock and custom build plinths for Leap Motion controllers and Kinect based Kiosks.


Leap Motion Controller / Sensor - Allowing Gesture-Based Interaction with Precise Hand and Finger Tracking. Precise hand gestures able to pick up both hands as well as 10 fingers accurately.


- Control and navigate through your presentation using hand gestures, bring the innovation aspect to your presentation and event.
- Dissect and break apart a product into many parts, viewing details and names of each part.
- Explore your products in a more digital, innovative manner.
- Interact with the virtual world by using a Leap Motion Device paired with your Virtual Reality Headset. It allows you to put your hands and fingers into the virtual environment.
- Combine learning and educational experiences for children, colleges and universities. Students tend to understand, learn and focus better when bringing the technology and digital medium into the classroom and it allows the students to interact with a topic in a much more in-depth hands on manner.
- Create a fun, interactive, learning, timer-based game for your brand that could be used at your next exhibition stand.


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