Touch Screen Solutions and Rentals - South Africa

Providing Touch Screen Kiosk Solutions and Touch Monitor Products that are available on a rental basis for your next event, conference or exhibition. 

Afriten Technologies offer a complete comprehensive portfolio of Touch Screen Display Solutions and Touch Screen Kioskto the event, corporate, retail, mall activations and exhibition industry throughout South Africa. We specialise in both Touch screen sales for purchase options as well as touch screen rentals for short term use. Touch screens have become an ideal way to present your products and services to your customers.


Our Touch Screen Solution Offerings
  • Touch Screen Panel rental with Windows Mini PC. We own a large stock of 22", 40" and 55" touch screens.
  • Touch Screen Purchase options - various sizes available from 22" and larger.  
  • Touch Screen Kiosk Custom fabrication - both wooden and steel fabrication options available.
  • Touch Screen kiosk sales and rental - Portrait upright kiosks, Landscape upright Kiosks, Angled 45-degree Landscape Kiosks, iPhone Touch Screen Kiosk (Looks like a huge iPhone).
  • Touch Tables - Various touch table designs avaialble.
  • Coffee Touch Tables- Various coffee touch table designs available.
  • Wide/large touch screen solutions.
  • Touch walls - precise interactive custom built capacitive touch walls with projection mapping for your showroom or exhibition stand.
  • Touch foil on glass/perspex application - Turn any flat perspex or glass panel into a multi-touch interactive touch screen. Works great for shop front window or retail storefront, allowing you to have a digital touch sales platform when your store/shop is closed.
  • Android Tablet Rentals - We stock both entry-level Android Tablets, as well as high spec top of the range Samsung Tablets where performance is needed for 3D graphical intensive apps such as augmented reality experiences and applications.
  • Android Tablet enclosures/kiosks.
  • Android Tablet stands.
  • Digital Event registration on our touch screens. 
  • Interactive Touch Bar - iBar counters
  • Touch Screen overlays - We can supply standard size or very large multitouch point touch screen overlays of up to 500" in size. 

Daily, weekly and monthly touch screen rental rates are available! 

Nationwide Touch Screen setup throughout South Africa (Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban), delivery, installation and onsite technical support available!

We offer 24/7 touch screen support!
Please see more information on our touch screen solutions offered below:
Touch Screen Kiosk

Available for rental and purchase. Portrait, Landscape and angled Touch Screen Kiosks are available.

Touch Screen Kiosks

Examples of Touch Screen Kiosks

Touch screen overlays

Converting a normal LCD/LED Screens into a Touch Screen using a Touch Screen overlay.

Touch Screen Overlays

Examples of Touch Screen Overlays

Touch Tables

Available for rental and purchase. LCD based Touch Screen Tables. Custom solutions such as Projection onto a table to convert to touch for events. Coffee Touch – New range of wooden skeleton Coffee Touch Tables are available.

Coffee Touch Tables

Coffee Touch Tables

Touch Projection onto Glass

Converting a shop front window into a touch screen window.


Rear Projection onto Touch Foil Application

Digital Registration Touch Screen Kiosks

We boast digital registration on our Digital Registration System in under 10 seconds per guest. Can be done on our 22″ Angled Registration screens or 22″ touch screens built into a kiosk, we also do Tablet Registration. Our solution can also include biometric finger scanners as well as lanyard card printing in full colour.

Digital Registration Options

Digital Registration Options

Android and iPad Tablet Rental

We also handle stock management on site if required. Stock Management includes full stock control of all rented tablets for the duration of your exhibition or event. This is ideal for rental of tablets for large amounts i.e. over 40 units. We ensure your app is loaded onto all iPads, Sim cards are loaded with data, sign out stock to your staff and promoters, charge spare stock during the day and after hours, sign stock back in at the end of each day, on-site for any technical queries and technical support. We handled the stock management of 50 iPads for Mercedes-Benz for Festival of Motoring 2016 (A 5-day duration motor show).

iPad Charging Stations

iPad Charging Stations

Touch Screen Video Walls

Touch Screen Video Walls for presentation areas, reception areas and boardrooms.

Touch Screen Video Wall

Example of Touch Screen Video Wall

Interactive Bar - iBAR

Interactive LCD bar counter with Object Recognition.


Interactive LCD Touch Bar Counter

What can I use a Touch Screen Kiosk for at my next event or exhibition in South Africa?
Professional touch screen kiosks and touch screen displays can be set up at your next conferences, exhibitions, product launch, tradeshows, retail, mall activations and more! Let your guests participate and interact.
  • View a digital brochure /digmag (digital page flip brochure).
  • View your companies profile, services and offers on a digital innovative platform.
  • Execute surveys and polls.
  • Digital Registration.
  • Application simulations, previews, demos, training,
  • Customer database building/Lead capture .
  • Send clients brochures digitally to their email address before they even leave your exhibition stand! 
  • Touch screen event gamification - promote fun learning and event/expo participation via touch screen gamification and reward guests for participation.
  • Interactive clickable event floor plans.
  • Display event and speaker agendas.
  • Information and navigational Touch Kiosks in malls space environments.

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