We are a leading Virtual Reality Specialist Company in South Africa!

We are a Virtual Reality Company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

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Virtual Reality Specialist Company South Africa

Virtual Reality Content Creation: Our multimedia studio specialises in the creation of virtual reality applications, games and VR experiences for both PC VR and Mobile VR platforms. We have rolled out a vast amount of VR apps into the South African market.

Virtual Reality Headset Rentals: We hold a large stock of Virtual Reality headsets on hand that you can rent out for your next event, exhibition, team building, or product promotion.

Virtual Reality Headset Purchase and sales: We have partnerships in place with overseas suppliers to provide headset sales for large orders at affordable competitive rates as needed. 

Virtual Reality Game and App Development South Africa

Our Virtual Reality experiences have been coded, built and published on the most popular Virtual Reality headsets available. Our team develop Virtual Reality apps and games using Unity Gaming Engine. Our VR apps are hardcoded in C# language.

We have experience developing on the following Virtual Reality Headsets:

  • HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headsets.
  • Oculus Rift S Virtual Reality Headsets.
  • Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headsets.
  • Oculus Quest Virtual Reality Headsets.
  • Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Headsets.
  • Google Cardboard Virtual Reality. 

We also own a 360 degree VR camera rig allowing us to film video productions in 360 VR formats, to be used for playback on VR headsets and social media sites such as Facebook and Youtube for a more immersive consumer and guest experience. 
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We develop both once-off event based games and experiences for events, competition and promotional use as well as large multiplayer VR apps and experiences running off cloud-based database for app store rollout. 

Speak to us today to find out how we can help turn your VR idea into reality!
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We now handle large Synced Virtual Reality events and launches. This means that we can create a custom 360 video or interactive VR experience for guests at your next event and start the VR experience on 100s of VR headsets in sync at the same time!

Speak to us today to get a competitive Virtual Reality Headset Rental quotation. 

Virtual Reality Headset Rental and Hire for Events South Africa

Afriten Technologies, South Africa own a large stock of Virtual Reality Headsets that are available for hire and rental.  

Available for your next roadshow, activation, event, product promotion, exhibition, team building, etc.
We hold a large rental stock of the following Virtual Reality Systems.

  • HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset Rentals.
  • Oculus Rift S Virtual Reality Headsets Rentals.
  • Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headsets Rentals.
  • Oculus Quest Virtual Reality Headsets Rentals.
  • Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Headsets Rentals.
  • Fully branded Google Cardboard V1 and V2 Virtual Reality headsets for giveaway.
  • Synced VR 360 videos and interactive VR experiences for product launches. 

We also provide Virtual Reality Headset purchase and sales in large quantities. We have handled large rollouts for schools, colleges and universities in South Africa. 


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What is Virtual Reality ?

Virtual Reality, also known as VR, makes it possible to experience anything, anywhere and at any time. It is the most immersive type of reality technology and can convince the human brain that it is somewhere that it really is not. Virtual Reality Head-mounted displays are used with headphones and hand controllers to provide a fully immersive experience in the VR environment. The largest technology companies on the planet such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are currently investing billions of dollars into virtual reality companies and startups. The future of virtual reality is set to become a pillar of our everyday lives.

In simple terms...

Virtual reality is the term used to describe a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment which can be explored and interacted with by a person. That person becomes part of this virtual world or is immersed within this environment and whilst there, is able to manipulate objects or perform a series of actions.

How do we get into Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is usually implemented using computer technology. There is now a large range of systems that are used for VR, such as headsets, Omni-directional treadmills and special gloves. These are used to actually stimulate our senses together in order to create the illusion of reality and make it feel real and as immersive as possible.

The history of VR

Virtual Reality history dates back to the 1950s and 1960s but only really gained interest and attention when Oculus initiated a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 to fund the Rift's development. The Oculus Development Kit then came to life. Facebook bought Oculus in 2014. VR interest grew globally with interested amongst individuals and corporations. There is now a large community of VR developers worldwide, growing amounts and generations of VR headsets, VR technology is improving and getting more affordable each year.

Do we need Virtual Reality in our lives today?

People are using Virtual Reality as a form of an "escape", relaxation and even for fun and social interactions. The potential entertainment value is there. Immersive films, brand experiences, video games are a few good examples.

Types of Virtual Reality Applications?

- Architecture: 360 degree and interactive tours and demonstration.
- Health: Immersive medical demonstration, simulations and trainings.
- Entertainment: Video games
- Education: Assisting kids learning experiences.
- Corporate: Immersive Staff Simulation training and testing.
- Sport
- Social: VR meeting and collaboration spaces
- Corporate: Virtual factory tours, interactive brand experiences.
- Events: Interactive arcades for tech-focused events

The use of Virtual Reality at Events?

Ready or not VR is here today. the technology is alive and growing today and gaining adoption and market share. What makes virtual reality different from other media formats is that it seeks to immerse your senses in the content, fooling your brain into processing the experience as if it were really happening. Compared to traditional video media, VR content is more engaging, more memorable, more persuasive and more interactive. Immersive content at an event can be as simple as a 360 video experience of underwater diving experience or a 360-degree video tour of your factory/workspace, or as complex as a custom-made digital CGI environment showing the repair of a heart valve. There are even 1000’s of applications currently available for free or minimal cost in the Oculus store, Google app store ranging from VR Games to Roller Coaster Experiences.

Key Components in a Virtual Reality System
- Hardware - Gaming PC / Gaming Console/ Smartphone
- Head-Mounted Display (also called HMD, Headset, or Goggles) 
- Input Devices 

Other types of reality and how do they differ to Virtual Reality? 

We often get asked this question, so here is the difference between virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies:

- Virtual reality (VR) immerses users in a fully artificial digital environment.
- Augmented reality (AR) overlays virtual objects on the real-world environment.
- Mixed reality (MR) not just overlays but anchors virtual objects to the real world.

What does Afriten Offer:

- We offer PC based VR on the HTC Vive platform as well as Mobile based VR on Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go as well as the new Oculus Quest VR headsets, mainly to the corporate market in South Africa. We offer purchase solutions for corporate boardrooms as well as affordable virtual reality headset rentals in South Africa. We own and rent out HTC Vive headsets and Oculus Quest VR Headsets for events and corporate function use, We also own and rent out Samsung Gear Mobile Virtual Reality headsets which are available for rental throughout South Africa, We own multiple i7 Gaming Tower PC rigs which are also available on a rental basis.

- We offer custom colour printed Google Cardboard V2’s that can be used as giveaways at events.

- We specialise in Unity 3D VR virtual Reality content development creation for all major virtual reality headset types. We can publish the experience into the relevant app store/s.

- Green Screen Video Productions and green screen editing and compositing, should you want to film your CEO and have him inside your corporate VR experience.

- 3D Modelling of objects and environment needed in the VR space done in both Maya and 3DS Max.

- We own our own 360 professional camera rigs along with 360 video stitching software allowing us to create professional Virtual 360 degree Tours for your event, website or Youtube page. 
Send us your Virtual Reality Content Brief or VR Headset enquiry.

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