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1 Sided Portrait 3D Holographic Display / Z-Shaped Series

Our Z-Shaped series is a 1 sided portrait Peppers Ghost LCD 3D Holographic display. They are Full HD definition (can be created up to 4K resolution), LCD-Based which ensure they are ideal for any lighting conditions. The high brightness ensures that this 3D Hologram display works well in any retail or exhibition environment and supports long term use with minimal technical support. The Z-Shaped 3D Holographic Hologram Display Series is custom built by Afriten Technologies. It has become one of our most popular 3D Holographic Advertising Display Units that is available in South Africa at this time.
The Z-Shape series is available on both purchase and rental options. It comes standard in sizes from 32" up to 75" and can also go larger. Our most popular sized Z-shaped Hologram unit is our large 55-inch single-sided portrait LCD-based 3D Holographic display unit. Our Z-Shaped series run with Mini PC or media player ensuring that it is very easy to use, allowing us to change content manually or remotely as and when needed. Rental units come in our 55" size.
The orientation allows us to create portrait orientated content such as showing a full human body or skeleton 3D model on the screen in life size at any time in our content video loop. This display series is completely customisable, which allows us to add any touch screen, tablet, interaction, or motion sensor as we like to customise this for our requirements of our activation. This display is large and very visible in most placements. It creates a stop and stare effect, it is a great platform for grabbing a lot of attention in any busy commercial setting. The outer shell of the unit is completely customisable, can also be branded in any colour according to your brand colours and fully vinyl wrapped as or if needed and the unit comes standard with sound. 
Key selling features of our Z-Shaped 3D Holographic Hologram Display series:

  • One of our most popular 3D Holographic Advertising Display Units that is available in South Africa
  • Full HD content display can be made up to 4K resolution
  • 1 sided display
  • High brightness content ensures this unit works well in most lighting conditions
  • Portrait orientation- allows portrait orientated content
  • Media playback system supports full interactivity by your customers of your content
  • Ease of use
  • Minimal technical support needed
  • Large unit creates lots of attention ensuring high impact
  • Network ready

View videos of Z-Shape 55" Portrait Peppers Ghost 3D Hologram Display (Opens in new window): 

Afriten Technologies also custom build 3D Holographic Displays to your requirements:
Afriten Technologies have over 12 years experience providing 3D Holographic Displays to various industries within and around South Africa. We have the largest 3D Holographic Display rental stock available in the country and can also custom build and supply any size of 3D Holographic Hologram Displays that you may require. We specialise in providing plug & play LCD 3D Hologram advertising displays, LCD and LED 3D holographic displays, large scale event holographic mesh and foil projections. We can also build the 3D holographic display into a custom exhibition stand, fabrication into your retail store or into your corporate reception area, boardroom or retail store environment.

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The Z-Shaped Series are one-sided Portrait LCD based 3D Holographic Displays


Events, Exhibitions, Retail, Point of Sale, Product Launches, Conferences, Centre Court Activations, Reception Areas


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