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We create Virtual Events in South Africa! 

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Are you considering postponing your major event launch, announcements and conferences to 2021? 


What exactly is a Virtual Event in South Africa in 2020?

In summary: "A Virtual Event transforms previously allowed Events and Public Gatherings into a Safe Interactive Virtual Experience Online."
Following the cancellations of all events, conferences, exhibitions and public gatherings, as a result of the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. This has now left many event organisers and event planners unsure of how to meet their targets and objectives without being able to hold physical events. 

So what can event organisers and marketers do and how can they reach their event audience?

We have been required to come up with other creative methods in which our clients can reach out and interact with their audiences, safely and securely meeting the new South Africa country rules and regulations.

We have come up with a solution for our clients that can allow them to continue with their day to day business and events in a safe and secure way. 

Allowing us to compile various online virtual gathering solutions and services, obtain a broadcast studio ready for any vast type of broadcast requirement that you can think of and partnered up with the 1 of the leading cloud server providers in South Africa to make this a reality. 

We aim to keep the interactive and engaging element in our online broadcasts to ensure an immersive and entertaining event and experience as possible while we continue the social distancing awareness to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Our typical Online Virtual Event Process:

Briefing Stage:
  • Customer emails us a detailed brief explaining what their Virtual Event or Virtual Conference needs to include (When will it happen/how many days will it need to be online/approximate audience amount, what are the main required objectives and application features and any other relevant information?) 
  • One of our representatives will receive your request and get back to you with a quote and production plan with lead times.
  • Customer approves the proposal and we start on the development. 
Development Stage:
  • We purchase a domain to give your virtual event a home online, such as 
  • Your virtual event is hosted on a local South African dedicated premium server that is able to meet your required traffic demand.
  • Our 3D modellers and 3D animators get to work designing and creating all the required areas. Keep in mind that some environments and rooms may already have been created for previous virtual gatherings or virtual conferences, and become our stock models, so these could be used again and re-skinned with your current event look and feel. Otherwise, this stage includes 3D modelling of all required environments, such as the virtual conference area, virtual info desk or virtual help desk, virtual presentation rooms, virtual case study rooms, virtual exhibition areas, etc. as required. 
  • Our web developers start to custom code the web application. We use a cross-browser JavaScript library and application programming interface used to create and display animated 3D computer graphics in a web browser. This is the current industry standard and ensures full compatibility of your virtual event in all current PC web browsers as well as all smartphone browsers. This means the 3D app runs directly from the cloud into your web browser and no downloads are needed off any app stores!
  • 3D Content is handed over to our web developers as well as any other video productions are completed such as green screen productions, any other exhibitor videos, content, branding and materials are needed to proceed. 
  • Sign up pages are created. 
Pre-Event Stage:
  • Guests are sent an invite to the virtual event and navigate to the website to register to attend the virtual event. 
  • Guests get emailed their login details.
  • The client can send out any reminders, save the dates, virtual conference packs, agenda, speaker profiles, etc. 
Live Event:
  • The guest logs in to the virtual event.
  • Content can be made available live meaning guest have to view it live or it can be pre-recorded ready to be viewed anytime during the dates of which the virtual event is active. 
  • Guests are taken to the inside of the virtual conference area where they can now navigate around and interact with anything in the area. They could visit the help desk for more information or get an agenda or view speaker information, they can view tweets on a big screen or chose which areas to go into, such as conference rooms or the exhibition area. 
  • Inside the virtual conference areas or virtual presentation rooms: guests can select which video presentation to view, The video gets played on a big screen. Videos of the speaker's presentations are normally created beforehand and consist of a standard 180-degree video and a video of the presenter shot on a green screen background which we cut out and place the presenter next to the video in the presentation area which makes it look like he is standing in the environment and talking through the presentation. We can also do live web streaming presentations of the presenter. 
  • Once the video ends - Guests can also ask the presenters questions. Guests can view case studies and answer questions on the contents of the video. The information gets recorded into our database.  This is particularly important for the pharmaceutical industry. We can also give out CPD points for attendance.  
  • Exhibition area (Note: The virtual exhibition area is optional). Guests can walk around the virtual expo area, walk onto a stand, views banners, PDF content, send it to themselves or ask to be contacted be, we could also do a live chat feature with the exhibitor.
  • Virtual coupons, gifts and rewards can be given out to reward attendance. 
Post-Event Stage:
  • CPD point certificate can be issued out by accredited suppliers (if applicable).
  • Thank you emailers are sent out.
  • Guests are asked to complete survey forms. 
  • Event report is sent out.
  • A backend admin panel is available for the event organiser or client. This allows the client to add custom content and view analytics stats of guests. Where did guests go, which stands did they visit, which information did they request, which conferences did they attend, how much of the content did they consume? etc..

Transforming Public Gatherings into Safe Interactive Virtual Experiences Online

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Our Online Broadcasting solutions

  • Centrally located Broadcast Studio in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Ready to go live to any custom domain or Social Media Platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Zoom).
  • Stage and production area can be setup and branded as required.
  • Local Cloud Server with the ability to host 100,000s of active live viewers.
  • Live interaction with guests during the live stream.
  • Working with you to convert your current event or activity into a Virtual Event, Virtual Expo/Conference or Virtual Activity.
  • Working with you to create a completely new Virtual Gathering for your audience, customers or clients. 
  • Assistance to educate and move your audience to online platforms. 

What are the different types of Virtual Events?

  • Streaming Conferences and Workshops
  • Virtual Events
  • Virtual Eventing
  • Virtual Exhibitions
  • Virtual Expos
  • Virtual Gathering
  • Virtual Conferences 2020
  • Virtual Congress
  • Virtual Music Shows
  • Virtual Gym and Training Sessions
  • Virtual Educational Lectures and Classes
  • Virtual Religious Events and Practices
  • Virtual Current Topics and Trends
  • Virtual Fashion Shows
  • Virtual Art Exhibitions
  • Virtual company award ceremonies
  • Virtual Product Launches


If you have a virtual event in mind, please get in touch with us asap, as it can take anything between 4 to 6+ weeks to develop and test your virtual event or expo before going live. 

We are also looking for sponsours, brands and speakers to advertise and participate in our upcoming virtual events and virtual expos.